Paving Stones Substance 002

TypeSubstance Archive (SBSAR)
MethodSubstance Designer (Photo-Based)
Tags Paving Paved Substance Stones Pavement SBSAR
Category Paving Stones
Downloads3413 Total / 33 Last week

Uses these assets:
Asset: Ground021Asset: Ground021
Asset: Ground025Asset: Ground025
Asset: Ground037Asset: Ground037

Is used by these assets:
Asset: PavingStones057Asset: PavingStones057
Asset: PavingStones058Asset: PavingStones058
Asset: PavingStones059Asset: PavingStones059
Asset: PavingStones060Asset: PavingStones060
Asset: PavingStones061Asset: PavingStones061
Asset: PavingStones062Asset: PavingStones062
Asset: PavingStones063Asset: PavingStones063
Asset: PavingStones064Asset: PavingStones064
Asset: PavingStones065Asset: PavingStones065
Asset: PavingStones066Asset: PavingStones066
Asset: PavingStones067Asset: PavingStones067
Asset: PavingStones068Asset: PavingStones068

The HQ and LQ variants exist due to the high number of bitmaps embedded into this file. LQ can be used for resolutions of up to 4096px.